Gerrit Brits

My name is Gerrit Brits. I am an expedition guide and solo adventurer, but you can also just think of me as a happiness facilitator. 

So just a few things about me so I dont seem like a complete stranger to you – For the last 12 years I have been guiding and doing solo trails in and around South Africas wildest and most remote destinations. 

My career began in 2008 when I began studying for scuba diving while working for the dive school in Mossel Bay. My job mainly consisted of doing guided snorkeling trips and scuba diving trips. By the end of 2009 I was asked to leave the company because I didnt want to become a scuba diving instructor. However, I continued to do freelanced scuba trips over the years.

In 2010 I set off to a section in South Africa known as Zululand where I studied field guiding and marine guiding for 6 months and ended up working as a field guide and marine guide for more than 2 years. My jobs included Game Drives, Boat Cruises, Flyfishing Excursions, Kayaking Trips on crocodile and hippo rich rivers, Guided Hikes in dangerous game areas and Anti Poaching. 

By the end of 2013 I quit my job as a guide, sold all my belongings and began walking the 3600km coastline of South Africa. This journey took me 1 year and 3 months to complete.

In early 2015 (right after I finished walking the coast) I walked around the Richtersveld Desert. This journey was 380km and took me 12 days to complete.

When 2015 came to an end I was already based in the Richtersveld Desert for three months working as a river guide on the Orange River and operated as a Safari Guide abroad. I spent more than 2years leading multi-day expedition trails down the Orange River and into Namibia.

In 2016 I finished my book Cutting the Roots, retelling the experiences I have lived through from 2010 to 2015.

By the end of 2017 I quit my job in the desert and solo kayaked 600km on the most remote section of the Orange River. This journey took me 3 weeks. 

After this I headed back to the Garden Route and have been working as a part time canyoning, kayaking and freelance expedition guide until present. 


Looking forward to meeting you